The Future is

Carbon Neutral

BR Simpson seamlessly integrates cutting-edge innovation, advanced energy solutions, and responsible geoengineering practices, championing a sustainable future through advancing carbon capture storage (CCS).

  • BR Simpson Tenaments

  • Total Area

    6.8 million acres

  • Three Exploration Permits

    EP 93
    EP 97
    EP 107

The BR Simpson project encompasses three exploration permits, EP 93, EP 97, and EP 107, spanning a vast 27,600 km2 (6.8 million acres) in an area with promising geological attributes mirroring those of the Eagle-Ford Basin, indicating the potential for world-class production.

BR Simpson’s innovative energy and decarbonisation solutions.

As a pioneering Australian entity, BR Simpson stands distinctively at the epicentre of revolutionising our nation’s energy narrative. Deep within the vast expanse of the Pedirka basin in the Northern Territory lies untapped potential – a potential that Geoquest, a flagship project of BR Simpson, is poised to harness.

  • While Simpson Energy remains a beacon of our expertise in shale gas exploration and blue and green hydrogen ventures, it is Geoquest that exemplifies our dedication to a sustainable energy trajectory. Merging seasoned expertise, innovative technology, and an intimate grasp of geology, our focus is laser-sharp: to position Geoquest as a cornerstone in balancing environmental responsibility with economic progression.

  • The intricate tapestry of BR Simpson’s endeavours, with Geoquest taking centre stage. Each phase, every initiative, and the expansive prospects they bring to our stakeholders and the wider community are mapped out. Beyond mere exploration, our journey threads through meticulous de-risking, culminating in the commercial realisation of a vision aligned with the National Hydrogen Strategy.

  • Embark on this journey towards an eco-conscious future, and let Geoquest, under the BR Simpson umbrella, illuminate the path. Join us, and together, let’s shape the energy landscape of tomorrow.

BR Simpson


BR Simpson